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Rebecca Faith Photo 1037
CREDIT: Rebecca Faith Photo

Fellowship Assessment Dates

Please see below for all our available assessment dates

Fellowship Assessment Fee: £170.00

Download Booking Form

If you wish to have you submission assessed you will need to book one of the following assessment dates. We advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you have a 1:1 portfolio advice session booked, please ensure you allow sufficient time prior to the submission deadline for any amendments that you may decide to make as a result of the advice. 

Once we have processed your booking form you will receive a confirmation email from a member of the Distinctions Team containing important information on the next stages of your application as well as a copy of the Submission Details Form.

If you would like more details about the Licentiate Distinction, please visit

2022 Dates

Please note: availability is indicated below each date. Spaces are available unless the dates states SOLD OUT. 

Applied & Portraiture Photography - Image by Simon Street FRPS
CREDIT: Simon Street FRPS
Applied & Portraiture Photography


Thursday 26th May
Format: Prints, Digital & Book

Submission to arrive by:
Wednesday 4th May 


Contemporary Photography - Images by Roger Wooton FRPS
CREDIT: Roger Wooton FRPS
Contemporary Photography


Thursday 21st April
Formats: Print, Digital & Book

Submissions to arrive by: 
Wednesday 30th March 

Documentary Photography - Image by Wolfgang Strassl FRPS
CREDIT: Wolfgang Strassl FRPS
Documentary Photography


Thursday 24th November
Formats: Print, Digital & Book

Submission to arrive by: 
Wednesday 2nd November

Landscape Photography - image by Mohammed Arfan Asif FRPS
CREDIT: Mohammed Arfan Asif FRPS
Landscape Photography


Thursday 19th May
Formats: Print, Digital & Book

Submissions to arrive by: 
Wednesday 27th April 

Natural History Photography - image by Ann Healey FRPS
Natural History Photography

Thursday 7th April
Formats: Print, Digital & Book

Thursday 13th October

Formats: Print, Digital & Book

Submissions to arrive by: 
Wednesday 21st September

Travel Photography - images by Hazel Frost FRPS
CREDIT: Hazel Frost FRPS
Travel Photography


Thursday 22nd September
Formats: Print, Digital & Book

Submissions to arrive by: 
Thursday 1st September

Visual Art Photography - image by David Townsend FRPS
CREDIT: David Townsend FRPS
Visual Art Photography


Thursday 30th June
Formats: Print, Digital & Book

Submissions to arrive by: 
Wednesday 8th June



Thursday 1st December
Formats: Print, Digital & Book

Submissions to arrive by: 
Wednesday 9th November

Book your assessment in three easy steps ...

1. Download the Booking form 

2. Complete the form and add your chosen assessment date (Availability listed above). 

3. Email or post your booking form to us. 

We will email a confirmation to you once we process the details. Please retain the confirmation email for future reference.