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Fellowship Hanging Plans

A selection of templates to help you with the layout of your Print submission

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you download your chosen template to your computer as you're are unable to use them within your web browser.

These are editable PDF documents; we recommend ensuring that you have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat or Reader installed on your computer.

1) Before adding your images to the PDF, first collate your final selection of images and save thumbnails of each (we advise using small file sizes were possible).

2) Open the PDF and add your thumbnails to it by clicking on the picture boxes above each number.

3) When you are happy with your portfolio and have filled in all the required information on the page, either “Save As” or “Print” your completed Hanging/Sequence plan.

Please Note: These PDFs are not compatible with mobile or tablet devices. 

We welcome use of your own hanging plan layout. If you'd like to use your own layout design, we request that you create your own hanging plan with thumbnails of your images so we are aware of how you'd like your photographs displayed for assessment. Please print all hanging plans in colour, even if your submission is entirely monochrome.


FRPS Hanging Plan Template 777

Template 1

This template shows 21 images using all three rows. 

Top: 7 images
Middle: 7 images
Bottom: 7 images

FRPS Hanging Plan Template 777
FRPS Hanging Plan Template 776

Template 2

This template shows 20 images using all three rows. 

Top: 7 images
Middle: 7 images
Bottom: 6 images

FRPS Hanging Plan Template 776
FRPS Hanging Plan Template 1010

Template 3

This template shows your 20 images using two rows. 

Top: 10 images
Middle: 10 images
Bottom: 0 images

FRPS Hanging Plan Template 1010
FRPS Sequence Plan Template 2019 V.1

Sequence Plan

This template shows the order in which your 20/21 images will be projected. Please use this template if you've chosen to submit Images For Screen.

Please Note: All images will be displayed in sequence, one at a time, starting with 01.

FRPS Sequence Plan Template

Contact us

If you're having problems using these templates please contact: 

Simon Vercoe
T: +44 (0)117 3164473

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday GMT.