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1. 5 Ways To Create Your Portfolio Website For Free! (800 X 800 Px)
5 Ways to Create a Portfolio Website- for Free

In this talk, Joe explores a selection of free to use programmes that will allow you to edit your images for free! All the programmes shown will work on both Windows and Mac platforms and are completely free to use for personal (non-commercial) use.




1. Presenting Your Work Developing Your Panel (800 X 800 Px)
Presenting your Work- Developing your Panel
Three sessions over a month. Interactive, review and advice on Panel of Images
Another chance to develop your skills creating panels with this highly-rated 3-session workshop!
No previous experience necessary - come and learn about how to create panels in a relaxed and mutually supportive learning space where participants share and discuss their own panels as they develop over the 3 sessions, facilitated by experienced photographer Joe Houghton. 
1. Create Your Portfolio Website Workshops (800 X 800 Px)
Creating a Portfolio Website with Joe Houghton- 3 Session Workshop
Following on from the Presentation 5 Ways to Create a Website for Free, This is a  Workshop over three sessions enabling the attendee to Create their own personalised Portfolio Website. This is lead by Joe Houghton with a maximum of 10 people. Joe will offer support and lead constructive discussion and critique on all the websites created.


1. Processing A Night Shoot (800 X 800 Px)
Processing a Night Shoot with Joe Houghton

In this entertaining and informative workshop presentation, Adobe Lightroom Expert Joe Houghton works through his complete workflow from Import, culling and initial selection of images to edit. He then processes a set of the images, using many different techniques from Lightroom's extensive capabilities and tools including sky selections, detailed masking, HDR combining of multiple bracketed shots, and even combining multiple light trails into a stunning final composite in Photoshop. Joe's Lightroom demonstrations always make for an instructive and compelling session.

1. Publishing A Photo Book (800 X 800 Px)
Publishing a Photobook with Joe Houghton

In this talk, Joe takes you through the fascinating process of creating a photo book. Writing, editing, formatting and then the practicalities of getting the manuscript up onto Amazon KDP and other services - all is explained in an accessible way.

Joe has even set up his own publishing house - Sherpa Press - to help others go through the process and become authors with books on Amazon and in other outlets.

Everyone has a book in them - let this talk help you become a published author!

Joe Houghton Hi Res Colour

Joe Houghton

Our current set of talks completes soon with 'Presenting a Panel' and 'Publishing a Photobook'


We are running a pilot session shortly with a view to offering a selection of ByteSize sessions on Lightroom.


Watch this space!