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CREDIT: Chris Tank

Project "Frontiers"

Welcome to Project "Frontiers"


Project brief:

We are launching a collaborative project involving several RPS Regions and Special Interest Groups. We want to support photographers of all levels to work on a photography project, and to engage with the RPS and fellow photographers.The project is called “Frontiers” because it should serve to explore often overlooked subjects, to look at geographical boundaries and also help overcome personal boundaries.


The topic is the photographic exploration of peri-urban areas, often called “edge lands” or “fringe lands”. These are the transitional zones between urban areas and the natural environment. Each participant's contribution will consist of a statement of intent and either three or five images (as specified by your region or Special Interest Group), edited and arranged as a sequence.


Edge lands are vital to settlements and their communities but are often overlooked or not appreciated. We want to explore the use, function and aesthetics of edge lands and to further the photographic skills of the participants.


In each photographer's geographical vicinity. This allows repeat visits to the chosen location, encourage photographers to look at their immediate environment in new ways and cut the need to travel to a bare minimum.


Now until October 2021.


All Southern Region Members can participate no matter their level of photographic experience. However, an absolute requirement is intrinsic motivation, the commitment and dedication to put the required work and thought into the project and participation in online meetings.


While the participants will generally work on their own, we encourage the formation of (online) peer group(s) to discuss the work and to inspire each other. Participants will receive advice and support throughout the project.


At the end of the project we will self-publish curated photobooks, put an exhibition together (print and/or digital) and further disseminate the work through appropriate outlets including print and e-journals, website, e-newsletters and online talks.

How to participate:

1) Please read the brief above and the accompanying Questions and Answers document.

2) Email your statement of intent (Maximum 300 words) to Bhupinder Ghatahora at no later than 5 September 2021. Your statement should give information on your chosen subject and why you chose it.

3) Register online here before 5 September 2021

4) Join our Project Frontiers Zoom meeting on the 7 September. Download the Zoom meeting link here


Participation is free of charge.

At the end of the project the photobook(s) can be purchased. The price per copy will depend on the pagination and the number of copies printed. Once available for sale the price will be advertised.