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Michelle Whitmore July2020
CREDIT: Michelle Whitmore ARPS

Transforming Photos Into Fine Art

For our first of two talks in July, Michelle Whitmore ARPS demonstrated in real time how to use a range of filters within Photoshop and other applications to transform everyday images into fine art creations. 

Michelle's easy to follow descriptions, along with regular recaps to give listeners the opportunity to capture any parts they missed, were all delivered in her cheerful and confident manner. 

Many commented how illuminating the session was. Within a couple of days a number of members had sent in examples of how they had done what Michelle encouraged us all to do  - 'play around with these filters until you create something you like'.

If you have an image you've created as a result of listening to Michelle please send it to Include the original image alongside it on one canvas that is 1200 pixels on the longer side so we can better appreciate the transformation.

RPS Western 2
CREDIT: Ann Belcher
Untitled too by Ann Belcher