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Long Exposure image of the The Second Severn Crossing, buy Richard Olpin LRPS
CREDIT: Richard Olpin LRPS

Unlock Your Creativity

Join RPS Western as Exhibition Coordinator!

Unlock Your Creativity: Join RPS Western as Exhibition Coordinator!

Are you passionate about photography and looking to expand your horizons in the world of visual storytelling? The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) Western Region has an exciting opportunity for you! We are on the lookout for a dynamic and enthusiastic regional member to join us as the Exhibition Coordinator for our upcoming annual members' photographic exhibition.


About RPS Western:

The Royal Photographic Society, a prestigious institution dedicated to promoting the art and science of photography, has a vibrant Western Region that thrives on the passion and creativity of its members. Located at the intersection of artistic expression and technical expertise, RPS Western is a community of like-minded individuals who share a common love for photography.


The Opportunity: Exhibition Coordinator Role:

As we gear up for our annual members' photographic exhibition, we are seeking a dedicated individual to join our team as the Exhibition Coordinator. This crucial role involves working closely with the region's event organizer and committee to manage and host this significant community event.


Benefits of Joining RPS Western as Exhibition Coordinator:

  1. Forge Lasting Connections: By stepping into the role of Exhibition Coordinator, you'll have the opportunity to build meaningful connections with fellow photography enthusiasts. This role provides a unique platform to interact with like-minded individuals who share your passion for visual storytelling.

  2. Hands-On Experience: Dive into the exciting world of event management! As the Exhibition Coordinator, you will gain hands-on experience in organising and hosting a high-profile community event, honing your skills in project management, teamwork, and coordination.

  3. Showcase Your Leadership Skills: This role offers a chance to showcase your leadership skills by taking charge of the exhibition's logistical aspects. From coordinating submissions to managing the display setup, you'll play a pivotal role in bringing the event to life.

  4. Expand Your Portfolio: If you're an aspiring photographer or event coordinator, this role provides an excellent opportunity to enhance your portfolio. Your involvement in organizing a successful exhibition will be a testament to your dedication and skills in the field.


How to Apply:

If you're excited about the prospect of becoming RPS Western's Exhibition Coordinator, we encourage you to express your interest! To apply, simply send an email to with the subject line "RPS Western Exhibition Coordinator Application." Please include a brief introduction about yourself, your passion for photography, and any relevant experience you bring to the table.