Standing at a slight angle to the universe.

Originally from France, Nicolas Chinardet is a self-taught photographer now based in London. His choice of subjects is eclectic but guided by the tension between the documentary and the artistic. With an eye for the quirky detail, he strives to harness this tension harmoniously to create images that are both striking and beautiful.

Nicolas is a society photographer for a number of clubs in London. He was a regular contributor to QX Magazine between 2015 and the time of its closure in 2020. He also has experience as a portrait, events, architectural, performance, and documentary photographer.

His work has appeared in about 20 group exhibitions and has been used by numerous prestigious organisations and publications. A selection of this work is available for licensing via Alamy, Shutterstock, and the SWNS news agency. Some of Nicolas' images are held in the collections of the Bishopsgate Institute, the Black Cultural Archives, and the Orange County Regional History Center.

In 2015, Nicolas took part in the RPS's Bleeding London project.