Glen Caswell

Glen Caswell

A Crown Servant by day, passionate lens handler by night, Glen is from Canada’s National Capital Region. A headshot photographer that volunteers his photography talents with the Department of National Defence, Royal Canadian Air Cadets,, Kin Club of Russell and the Municipalité de RUSSELL Township.

Glen was born in Alberta, raised in Saskatchewan and joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1996. His mum is from Honiton, Devon and his father is Woodlands Cree from Sucker Creek First Nations and he has married in to a French-Canadian family.

His passion for photography started young, in secondary school, when he constructed a primitive pinhole camera. Since then, he's been passionate about advancements in photographic technologies. "While understanding that your photo gear doesn’t yield better images, the possibilities of ‘what is next’ inspires possibility of an image that has yet to be conceived.", Glen states.

He continues to state, "Connecting with people, having a vis-à-vis studio portrait session can be incredibly intimate, personable and personally rewarding for both. I have a thirst to create new experiences in the studio and to create a warm, welcoming and fun place to shoot."

Like most Canadians, he's friendly! ...and he is looking forward to tap in to the vast amount of resources that the RPS has made available to its members and to connect with fellow photographers.