Eileen R Wilkinson

Eileen R Wilkinson ARPS

I think it is genetic!
When I researched my family history, I was not surprised to find I have several photographers as ancestors, one of which took the photos for one of Queen Victorias childrens wedding.
I always have a camera with me and the attic has boxes and boxes of photos which one day I will get around to sorting! I love being out and about with family and friends and my photography reflects this with subjects from flora, landscapes and family.
When I retired, I was given a Pentax K20. A few years later I took the Open University course T189 which lead me to joining the RPS and Flickr. In 2013, I took part in the 26 by 26 Challenge which stretched my creativeness in areas I never thought possible. and honoured to have one of my images published in the 26 by 26 book in 2014.
Always ready for a new challenge, I decided it was time to get advice on obtaining a RPS distinction and I was thrilled to have my panel recommended for LRPS on 21st October 2015 and my ARPS on 14th March 2018