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Angus Jenkinson ARPS ARPS

Angus Jenkinson is Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and three other professional institutes. Born into the brilliant light and deep shadows of Africa, he won an international UNESCO art prize as a boy. He sees everything as alive, unique, and relational. He has been shortlisted in the Lucies, won a BBC landscape prize, and variously exhibited, including the RPS and a solo exhibition at the Galerie de la Cabrerisse, France (2017). He has illustrated two books and been commissioned by commercial clients. His work includes ‘found artworks’ (natural details and patterns resonant of abstract expressionism), ‘action’ or ‘flow’ artworks (water and dance), and ‘wrought’ artworks (collage and intervention to achieve narratives of essential being). He is also a scientist, designer, and company director. His influences outside the artworld include Aristotle and Plato, Zen, anthroposophy, Goethe, Barfield, polyphony, haiku and jazz.