Bogdan Stanciu

Bogdan Stanciu

Bogdan Stanciu is a Romanian photographer.

About ~ the rebellious act of B&W
His photo muse is a monochromatic one. While color is explaining, monochrome means ‘leaving to interpretation’. Moreover, in most cases, color is not only futile in helping viewers achieve the essence of the image, but it also distracts attention. Bogdan feels the need to essentialize, to simplify the scene and also to distance the image from its immediate connection to reality. He thinks grey tones ideally fulfill both needs.

Long story short, that’s why he constantly prefers the mistery and mysticism of monochrome to the naked color gamut.

Photo habits
Bogdan is attracted mainly by people & street photography. He needs humans, or at least tangible traces of their presence in order to activate his ‘photo-sense’. He always looks for the extraordinary in the ordinary people or scenes. Everyone is interesting; everyone has got some story – for good or evil – to tell. Everyone has own worth. Very rare does he shoot studio or any other ‘staged’ genre of photography (macros etc). Also nature/wildlife/landscape photography is not of his main interest.

His gear: Bogdan operates a Canon EOS 6D and prime lenses (24/35/50/200) exclusively, due to their „engaging” nature.

A hobbyist that never grew up
Although a licensed photographer, Bogdan works mostly not for financial rewards, but for his own spiritual accomplishment.