Basia Bogacka

Basia Bogacka ARPS

Here is my statement for the RPS Associate panel "Ice and Light".

Glacial caves show climatic history. The ice at the bottom is hundreds of years old, compacted and black, often opaque; the upper layers are lighter, more transparent. The flickering light reflections make the dark caves alive and mysterious. We can see air bubbles, stones, volcanic ash caught in the ice. Faces, plants, animals, ghosts and other creatures are all around in shades of sapphire, changing colour and shape as the ambient light changes. I visited four caves of one of the glaciers in South-East Iceland. My project was an attempt to catch the richness in the pattern, shape, texture and colour of ice in the glacial caves. The ice and light together create an infinite number of images. Knowing that with the melting glaciers these caves will not last long, I wanted to capture their complexity and beauty by getting close to the ice.