Janet Haines ARPS

Janet Haines ARPS ARPS

Joining the RPS was one of the better decisions I have made. It gives me a community of like minded people who inspire and interest me. Certainly my work has improved as I have gone through the LRPS and ARPS Distinction levels and now working (so far unsuccessfully) towards my FRPS. I love to be totally involved with things I am passionate about so volunteering with the RPS is a pleasure to me. This has been in various roles and currently I am a Trustee of the Society - a role I will fulfil to the best of my ability for 4 years.
In terms of my photography I started out as a butterfly photographer - shooting anything that flitted past my lens. But more recently I have narrowed my field and now produce highly manipulated and layered images which I term as photographic art. Examples of these can be seen on my web site and gallery.