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John Tilsley ARPS ARPS

My photographic journey started at the age of 12 when I took charge of the family Box Brownie. The gift, of an old Gnome enlarger introduced me to the magic of the darkroom! I worked exclusively in film until 2010 using a variety of different cameras and techniques. I wasn’t happy to print digitally in monochrome until the quality of paper, ink & printer was available! I now produce both colour & monochrome prints. For me, the real joy of photography is seeing images in print form.
Over the years I have been fortunate to travel to many interesting places. Wherever I go, landscapes and people feature strongly in my photographs.
I have lectured extensively throughout the South of England and Wales and I a have a great deal of experience in organising and judging photographic competitions at club, regional and national level. I am a past President of the Western Counties Photographic Federation and currently the chairman of their Judging Panel, responsible for training new judges. I also run a distinctions group which helps members in West Dorset achieve RPS distinctions
Being a member of the Dorset Independent Photographers allows me not only to exhibit my work but more importantly share my ideas with like-minded photographers. Success in photography is about establishing your own style, drawing on the work of others but adding your own unique interpretation.