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Dick Saunders

“Wun’t be druv”
Born and bred in Sussex, I am still here seventy-three years later.
I had a very accomplished artist for my Mother and a Graphic Design Artist for my Sister, yet I cannot draw or paint to save my life. I have spent a lifetime in engineering.
I have always believed that working with a camera was the equivalent of holding an artist's brush and gave the non-artists like me, a tool with which to paint.
My first camera was a Kodak 'Brownie' 127, the black bakelite version with the rounded edges and the white shutter release and film winder. I had this camera from the age of nine and took it with me when I went hitch-hiking in Europe at the age of twenty. I carried £50.00 and four rolls of 120mm film which lasted for my 'gap year'. This taught me conservatism in my photography. I am now on my fourth Digital SLR and have had to unlearn everything that I had taught myself.
I am a Camera Club Judge and pride myself on being able to see good in all 'genres'. With sixty-four years as a photographer, I am still not educated enough, to prefer one style of photography over another.