Kaiyu Lu LRPS


I started from an electronic engineer after university graduation and experienced in the field of service, manufacturing, marketing, quality, human resources, and corporate relations. I participated China Hewlett-Packard set up. I have been worked in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Chengdu. I was the first HRD in Agilent China. I am proud of Agilent achieving one of the top 10 Best Employer in China in 2003 while I was serving in the field of HR.
I think always that the good photos could be taken in any circumstances no matter under good sunshine or at a harsh environment. It can be taken when friends gathering with happy hours or at the tough time with severe conflict. Though the good photos could come out from an easy time but the bad time could also make even more attractive photos. Because of this, I’m attentive and passionate with the poor weather at heavy snowfall, storm, cold wind or crucial debate, sudden event unexpected. It could be in very early or very late in the day, could be very cold or last very long. But, I do enjoy to reveal and share something unique or different with my own angle or click the special moment I’m interested in. I will continue on it with my arm length and expect I could stretch this length longer and longer.

I am the member of China Photographer Association

Goal: All subjects, only not allowed but can’t. The REAL is the value.