Philip Morris

Philip Morris ARPS

Fine art photographer Philip Morris is based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

Fascinated by the ever-changing qualities of light and their effect upon subjects, his images are exquisite studies of light, shadow and form which reveal a beauty that is often overlooked.

The apparently banal can be beautiful if we take the time to look – a view shared by Philip and the late Czech photographer Josef Sudek, whose work has been, and continues to be, a major influence.

Having a particular interest in still life photography, a genre which Philip uses to explore the interplay between light and subject, the paintings of the old Dutch masters are also a significant influence.

Freezing time, capturing fleeting atmosphere, Philip’s evocative images invite a state of reflection, challenging the viewer to question the way they engage with their surroundings, to evaluate what they really see.

Inanimate objects seemingly take on a life of their own as they interact with ephemeral, transient natural light in unique observations of our world.

Hauntingly beautiful photographs which encourage introspection as the life of objects is explored.

Philip holds an MA in photography.

His research interests include the history of still life art, historical photographic aesthetics especially pictorialism, and visual literacy.