Mark Wheeler FRPS

Mark Wheeler FRPS FRPS

Mark Wheeler is a photographer, Registered Art Psychotherapist & clinical supervisor. Mark recently retired from NHS clinics & continues private practice. Mark also makes & exhibits multi-media art works that include photographs. Mark is interested with our encounters with photographs and their psychological aesthetics.

Mark teaches, trains & facilitates masterclasses & workshops. Mark lectures & delivers workshops to mental health professionals & to fine art & photography undergraduates & masters students. Mark is listed on the Department of Health National Clinical Expert Database. Mark was an invited plenary speaker at the First International PhotoTherapy Symposium, Turku, 2008 & has regularly been presenting at international conferences & seminars. Mark’s publications include book chapters & journal articles & he is a peer reviewer.

Mark initially used therapeutic photography with adolescents at a therapeutic community, from 1985. He became the first British photography graduate to undertake postgraduate Art Therapy training.

Mark came to Art Therapy & Therapeutic Photography via his practice as a photographer. The unique photographic syntax & the capacity of photographs to short-circuit many of our mental visual filters, culminates in our unique relationships with photographs among all visual images.