Warren Alani

Warren Alani ARPS

I picked up my first camera as a teenager – a Zenit ET 35mm SLR. This was where my obsession with photography began. In 2009, I decided to turn my past-time into something bigger. Taking the knowledge and skills he learned during my youth, I immersed himself in the new age of cutting-edge technology and turned my hobby into craft.
In just a few short years, I have cultivated a clear artistic direction and a distinctive style in my work. My photography particularly focuses on portraiture, architecture and travel, sports as well as street-style snapshots taken on the spur of the moment.
My acute attention to detail has earned me recognition from national and international bodies such as The Royal Photographic Society and the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique. I have also been awarded an honours distinction from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, as well as having my work displayed around the world at the Master Of Prints exhibition (for three consecutive years), in the revered London Salon of Photography, and at my own exhibitions in the U.K. and in Europe.
My work has been featured in many prominent photography publications such as the International Digital Camera magazine and The Royal Photographic Society Travel Year Book, amongst many others. When I am not chasing the perfect exposure, you can find my regularly presenting talks, workshops and lectures at photography clubs all over the U.K.