Anthony Zerillo LRPS

Anthony Zerillo LRPS LRPS

I started being interested in photography in the mid-90s, and was using an old-fashioned analogue low-budget camera, trying to do studio-style portraits. I have never really been interested in scenery, buildings, animals, fruit, etc... and indeed any type of candid photography - I was drawn to people, hence the studio photography element in my portfolio and interested.

Having changed from analogue to digital photography a few years later, I built up studio equipment such as strobes, softboxes and backgrounds, I was able to produce better quality photos, especially with getting a semi-pro digital camera. Through this equipment, I was able to do commercial images (items for sale in these small catalogues you'd often fine in newspapers and magazines), families, and some experimentation with non-inanimate subjects.

After a few years experience, I had heard of the Royal Photographic Society and decided to join. So, in 2002, I put together a portfolio of images to submit to the RPS at their exam day in Bath in October of that year. I passed and was awarded the LRPS (Licentiateship).

Since then I have bought more pro-like equipment, including cameras, and have enough equipment to have a small but adequate home studio, converting one of the upstairs room into an adequate studio. The studio isnt permanent, but it can be put up in a couple of hours, and is fully transportable.

I have been meaning to do the ARPS (Associateship) since 2012, 10 years after the 'L', but this has never yet completely flourished, even after trying to organise a submission in 2017, 15 years after the 'L'. I am currently building up a set a images through photoshoots which I aim to use and finally submit in 2022, 20 years after the original 'L'. Wish me luck!

I class myself as a serious hobbyist (or maybe up to an extent even semi-pro), and I am always looking for families who would be willing to help me get the images I need for my 'A' submission.

Please scroll through my portfolio below to see the kind of stuff I do, whether in a formal situation or a fun one, with poses ranging from the serious to the made-up-on-the-spot ones!