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Kathryn Jago ARPS

My interest in photography began in childhood, faded in my teens and then became focused on family portraiture as my children grew up. Despite my focus on family photography, I’ve always had an eye for finding that tiny detail in anything that just asks to be photographed.

My real passion for photography came about after a period of ill health, my hobby became my therapy and led me on a journey of self-discovery and enrolment on a photography degree. Currently, I am studying for my Masters in photography at Plymouth College of Art.

Artistically I have many interests, which are very much intertwined. This phase of my photographic journey began on reaching middle age, where I found a greater understanding acceptance and confidence in myself. From this acceptance emanated a desire to further explore personal histories, artifacts and heirlooms; the discrete but intrinsic attachments we as humans form with, objects we own or treasure. Possessions form part of the extended self, helping to define our personal identities. Through further exploration, scrutiny and consideration of my personal belongings, I hope to gain a greater understanding of my own identity, exploring how the often subconscious desire to retain or hoard objects can have a negative impact on mental health. Currently, this work is self-exploratory, part of a transformative process and a desire to take control of my own life and wellbeing. It is hoped that through my own experiences and explorations, others may find inspiration to move forward and improve their own wellbeing.