Multi-award winning freelance photographer working with bubbles for Art + Science + Music, (since 2009).

Bubbles Break Barriers because everyone can relate to them regardless of age, sex or race. This is crucial to me and my work.

Working with soap bubbles and their associated phenomena is fascinating, enlightening and often simply astounding. They never cease to amaze because their usefulness transcends; playful entertainment to contemporary and historical art symbolism, to being extremely reliable subjects in many genres of scientific and mathematical investigation because they obey Plateau's Laws - a set of geometrical rules relating to structure and appearance.

My practice combines emerging and established scientific research and occasionally art symbolism to create pertinent photographs that inspire and/or support the work of others.
I design and build complex studio set-ups and lighting rigs and develop recipes for bubbles solutions, some can take months to reach a good, working consistency.

As a former Fingerprint Expert, I'm reminded of producing conscientious, faithful and reliable imagery for the science side of my practice. For the art side, I can explore tangents and let rip without constraint.

In 2014 Visiting Research Assistant to Prof. Stefan Hutzler, Leader of the Foams & Complex Systems Group, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin. Stefan is a brilliant educator and great fun to collaborate with. He introduced me to the physical and academic complexities of equally-sized bubbles shuffling and shifting to self-organise into regular structures in a confined space, i.e. various glass, cylindrical tubes. This research led to my own discovery for bubble science - Bubble Chains, (see Gallery for more info.).

I'm an Image Contributor to the Science Photo Library and affiliated agencies world-wide, an Associate of the Institute of Physics, a member of Mensa. In 2014, I was awarded BA (Hons) Photography (First Class) and in 2018, a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

October 2021, my shiny new studio in Ferndown, Dorset is now up and running... hurrah, whoop, whoop!

Love it, love it, love it.