Paul Jones LRPS

Paul Jones LRPS LRPS

Born in 1974, I received my first camera as a present at the age of eight, and acquired my first S.L.R. in 1990.

Between 1989 and 1999, I took thousands of 35mm photographs of Droitwich Spa, and its surrounding villages and churches.

Since 2001, most of my images have been shot on medium or large format cameras. However, I still prefer to use 35mm for hand held work, and I am also a user of digital Canon and Olympus cameras. I am a member of the RPS Analogue Group and only my analogue images are shown in this gallery.

My passion for landscapes and architecture has continued, and it had been my objective since 1999 to create images that transcend the record. It is my aim to convey the emotion that I feel at a particular location through my images, and I hope that my images will appeal to the viewer in an aesthetic sense.

In 2006 I gained my L.R.P.S. certificate from the Royal Photographic Society, and in the spring of 2009 went on to hold my Poetry of the Image exhibition – comprising of forty sepia images taken on medium and large format cameras – at Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery.

My historical articles have been printed by the Droitwich History and Archaeology Society, and my paper entitled The History of the Town Mill of Droitwich has been published by the Worcestershire Industrial Archaeology and Local History Society. I also have a keen interest in Victorian fiction, and several of my articles have been printed by the Jerome K. Jerome Society.

There are many photographers from the past, who have taught and inspired me, through their work; the principal two being Frederick H. Evans, and Edwin Smith.

My Books below can be purchased from

The Poetry of the Image, 2009 – exhibition of 40 sepia images in book form.
The Oddingley Murders, a Photographic Tour, 2009.
St Peter’s Church Droitwich, 2010.
“Rita”, the Forgotten Author, 2010.
Droitwich through Time, 2014 (by Roger and Helen Peberdy and Paul Jones LRPS).
Droitwich Spa the Postcard Collection, 2017.

My other books published locally are:

The History of the Town Mill of Droitwich, 2012.
Nelly Copson, a Tribute, 2014 (by Paul Jones and Claire Lloyd).
A Tale of Two Wyches, 2015.
St Mary’s Churchyard Droitwich, 2017.

If you wish to purchase any of my books or images, you are most welcome to contact me.