On The Line Book

On The Line Book

On The Line refers to an ecological frontier. It is described in this book by the road that lays behind a typology of burnt trees. The road is significant because 6 months earlier, it was the site of Canada’s largest mass evacuation. 80,000 people were evacuated as a hellfire approached an urban service area and residence swarmed onto the sole access road to escape.

A considered design holds the pictures within the trunk of a burnt jack pine from the suburb of Beacon Hill. It is a large scale book, a tactile experience of materials that include; vegetable ink, uncoated papers, cotton, discarded coffee cups, embossing and meticulous processes from 120 negative film to the printing press.


Book Details

Embossed soft cover with sewn cotton binding: 16 pages

Publisher: Here Sue

ISBN: 978-1-916479-0-7

Product Dimensions: 39.4 x 33 cm


Price: £21.50 including P&P