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The personal, the historical, the political Laura El-Tantawy

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The personal, the historical, the political: Disecting In the Shadow of the Pyramids.

In 2014, Laura El-Tantawy published In the Shadow of the Pyramids. Predominantly photographed during the uprising in Egypt during the 2011 Arab Spring, it was a protest book that combined images of the demonstrations  with a personal passage of grief and self-discovery. In the years following the revolution, the optimism and hope has disappeared as Egypt has entered an even more repressive period of its history. In this talk, Laura will question her original personal take on the period, examining how the image can  connect to broader visual, historical and political narratives.

This two-hour talk and Q+A is part of a series of eight aiming at creating  connections between the processes of making work and how local, international, ethical, creative and commercial concerns overlap in the  showing, publishing, and dissemination of  work. The talks will examine the photobook, the exhibition, the archive, collaborative work, the photo-festival, power, and regional identities. Each talk stands alone, but forms part of the series.  

The series runs from 3 March-21 April and is available at a discounted rate when compared to attending each talk individually. See details of the full series here:

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Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS


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