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AGM technical guide

How to prepare and what to expect

This page explains how to set up your computer to attend the AGM videoconference, and what to expect on the day.

Click here to download a pdf version of this page to print.

Set up: Two important steps

In order to take part in the videoconference you will need to do two things:

  1. Install Zoom, configure and test. You need to be confident with the software before the day of the meeting.
  2. Ensure your display name shows your full name in the Zoom software. Otherwise, we will not be able to allow you to join the meeting.

Please note:

  • If you are not confident of these two things before the day of the meeting, please email for support.
  • You will need to join the meeting using a desktop computer for the meeting functionality to work. All instructions below relate to desktop PC or Mac only.

1. Install and configure Zoom

Please click here to visit the Zoom website, download and install the item "Zoom client for meetings" at the top of the page. For further help with this, please visit the Zoom website.

If you already have Zoom installed, please check you have the latest version. (More info)

Prepare for use

Once installed, you can now join a special test meeting to make sure Zoom is working and to familiarise yourself with some of the controls:

  • Click this link to visit the Zoom test page:
  • Click the blue "Join" button.
  • You may be prompted to "allow" the Zoom software to open. This is fine.
  • Follow the instructions. When asked choose "Join with video".
  • You can test and adjust sound and video function with these buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen:

Now, whilst still in the test meeting, please familiarise yourself with an important piece of functionality:

  • Click on the "Participants" button in the menu at the bottom of the screen:
  • This will open a sidebar to the right where, on the day, you'll be able to see everyone present listed.
  • Within the sidebar, look for the "Raise hand" button:
  • When you click this, a blue hand will appear by your name. On the day, you can use this to get the attention of the Chair, who will then invite you to speak, and you will be able to unmute your microphone.

2. Check your display name

We need to be able to identify and validate you as an RPS Member before we admit you to the meeting room. We will do this by checking your display name against the list of registered attendees.

The easiest way to check and change your display name is to do this in a Zoom test meeting:

  • Click this link to visit the Zoom test page: as detailed above.
  • Click on the "Participants" button in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will open a sidebar to the right where you'll be able to see your display name.
  • If necessary, hover over your name and select the option, “more” and “rename”.
  • Change your name so we will recognise you.

Now, you are all set! You can leave the test meeting and close Zoom. It will be ready for the day of the meeting. (You can learn more about test meetings here.)

Receiving your meeting details

If you have registered to attend the meeting, we will send meeting details to the email address you registered by 2300 BST on 25 September:

These details will include a link, a "meeting ID", and a password which you will need to access the meeting. Please do not share these details with anyone.

Once you have those details you will be able to use and test them any time before the meeting. But you will probably only get as far as the virtual "waiting room".

What to expect on 26 September

On the day of the AGM you will be able to log into the meeting using the details provided.

Please note the following with respect to the start of the meeting:

  • The formal meeting start time is 1000 GMT.
  • It will be possible to log in from 0915 and we ask you to join the meeting as soon as possible after 0915 to give us time to ensure everyone is present and ready.
  • It will not be possible to join the AGM after 1000.
  • However, if you miss the start of the AGM, we will admit you after the formal end of the AGM and before the President’s Address.
  • Only Members who registered prior to the meeting will be allowed to join.

When you log in:

  • You enter a "waiting room". We will check your name and then admit you to the meeting.
  • When you join the meeting you will see a holding slide with some information on it.
  • Your microphone will be muted.

Once the meeting starts:

  • The holding slide will be taken down when the meeting starts formally at 1000.
  • You will see and hear the start of the meeting.
  • We will run through some basic housekeeping and technical points.
  • You will be able to "raise your hand" (see above) and the Chair will invite you to speak. When asked to speak, we will allow you to unmute your microphone.
  • Any motions put forward will be voted upon by online polling using the meeting software. This will be explained in the meeting.
  • You will not be able to message or speak to anyone else during the meeting.

More help

If you have any questions or feedback before the meeting you can email, or visit the Zoom website for technical questions.

During the meeting, we will explain how you can get additional help.