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The award was inaugurated in 2011 and is given for outstanding achievement or sustained contribution in photographic education. This includes exceptional course development and management in combination with inspirational teaching or any other element that has progressed or improved photographic teaching and education.  Nominations are welcome from all areas of photographic education and may include the following elements:- 

  • Course design, either locally or nationally. This could include the design, development and, or, management of a series of courses within a particular educational establishment or the development of a national course or series of courses. An approach that challenges convention is an integral element.
  • Inspirational teaching. There is a multitude of elements to this from telling a story to making it happen! There is no pre-conceived formula but outstanding dedication, personal skills and creativity come to mind. 

Whilst research, picture making, publication, (books, articles, papers etc) and media performance are relevant within education they relate to practice and are covered by other Awards.

2022 Andrew Dewdney
2021 Esther Teichmann
2020 Professor Andrea Liggins FRPS ASICI
Beverley Carruthers
2018 Prof David Bate
2017 Professor Olivier Richon
2016 Professor Paul Hill MBE
2015 Professor David Alan Mellor
2014 Corinne Noordenbos
2013 Conrad Tracy
2012 Anne Williams
2011 Paul Delmar