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Hood Medal

This medal is awarded within the art or science of photography for a body of photographic work produced to promote or raise awareness of an aspect of public benefit or service.This medal was instituted in 1933 when Mr Harold Hood FRPS offered to present annually a medal for meritorious performance in some branch of photography, with particular emphasis on any exhibit which revealed the most outstanding advance in photography for public service.

2022       Hoda Afshar 
2021       Dexter McLean
2020       Poulomi Basu
2019       Laia Abril
2018       Thomas Dworzak
2017       Siân Davey
2016       Nick Hedges
2015       Jean-Jacques Naudet
2014       James Balog
2013       Derek Kendall
2012       Marcus Bleasdale
2011       Edmund Clark
2010       Tiffany Fairey, Anna Blackman
2009       François Hébel
2008       Gina Glover
2007       Mark Sealy
2006       Ron Smith
2005       Mike Birbeck FRPS
2004       Mark Holborn
2003       Joop Berendsen, Tom Gatsonides, Ted Janssen
1993       Dr Karl Steinorth
1992       Llanfranco Colombo
1990       Dr Mike Ware
1989       Colin Ford
1988       Clifford Bestall
1987       Mark Haworth-Booth
1986       Zoe Dominic
1985       Leslie Ryder
1984       Brian Coe
1983       John Webster
1982       Brian Tremain
1981       Freddie Reed
1980       Harold Evans
1979       Sir David Attenborough CBE
1978       Lord Snowdon
1977       Jacques Cousteau
1976       Ronald Smith
1975       Heather Angel
1974       R M Callender
1973       John Chittock
1972       Pat Whitehouse
1971       Stephen Dalton
1970       Kenneth G Moreman
1969       Douglas Lawson
1968       Hugh Baddeley
1966       T C Dodds
1965       T C Dodds
1964       Gordon Clemetson
1962       Adolf Morath
1961       Alan S Marshall
1960       Walter Nurnberg
1959       E Victor Willmott
1958       Maurice Broomfield
1957       Clive Cadwallader
1956       A Faulkner Taylor
1951       Institute of Ophthalmology (Department of Medical Illustration)
1950       L M Condax
1949       W Mortensen
1948       Margaret F Harker
1947       S G Thorpe
1946       J Crowther Cox
1943       Margaret F Harker
1942       Basil Hill
1941       H Bedford Lemere
1939       J A Fairfax-Fozzard
1948       J W Cottingham
1936       J Crowther Cox
1935       Edwin H Land
1933       G Aubourne Clarke