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Progress Medal

Instituted in 1878, the Progress Medal is awarded in recognition of any invention, research, publication or other contribution which has resulted in an important advance in the scientific or technological development of photography or imaging in the widest sense.  This award also carries with it an Honorary Fellowship of The Society.

2022       Given jointly to Graham Hudson and Leonardo Chiariglione
2021       Dr Katie Bouman
2020       Charles (Chuck) Hull
2019       Professor Al Bovik
2018       Professor Jacques Dubochet, Professor Joachim Frank and Dr Richard Henderson
2017       Dr Michael Francis Tompsett
2016       Palmer Luckey
2015       Dr George Elwood Smith
2014       Tim Webber
2013       Professor Paul B Corkum
2012       Steven J Sasson
2011       Dr Rodney Shaw
2010       Nobukazu Teranishi
2009       Bryce E Bayer
2008       Sir David Attenborough
2007       Dr Larry J Hornbeck PhD
2006       Professor Ferenc Krausz
2005       Dr Carver Mead, Richard F Lyon, Richard B Merrill
2004       Dr Eric R Fossum
2003       Sir Tim Berners-Lee
2002       Dr Brad Amos and Professor John White
2001       Professor C T Elliott
2000       Professor A Zaleski
1999       Leo J Thomas
1998       Emmett N Leith
1996       Dr Paul B Gilman
1995       Thomas and John Knoll
1994       Professor J W Mitchell
1993       Lennart Nilsson
1992       Dr G Farnell
1991       J Szarkowski
1990       Dr Tadaaki Tani
1989       Eric Hosking OBE
1988       David Hockney
1987       Dr Roy Jeffreys
1986       Professor Yuri Denisyuk
1985       Lord Snowdon
1984       Sir Tom Hopkinson
1983       Dr R W G Hunt
1982       Sue Davies
1981       Norman Parkinson
1980       Oxford Scientific Films
1979       Bill Brandt
1978       Photographic Technology Division Nasa
1977       Stephen Dalton
1976       W T Hanson Jr
1975       Beaumont Newhall
1974       Man Ray
1973       Dr T Howard James
1972       Professor Dr Hellmut Frieser
1971       Edward William Herbert Selwyn
1970       Professor W F Berg
1969       Laurence E Hallett OBE
1968       Professor Konstantine Vladimirovich Chibosov
1967       Dr E R Davies OBE
1966       L Fritz Gruber
1965       Dr Walter Clark
1964       Harold E Edgerton
1963       Leopold Godowsky and Leopold Mannes
1962       Dr Frances M Hamer
1961       André Rott
1960       Edward J Steichen
1959       Cecil Waller
1957       Dr Edwin H Land
1956       Not given
1955       Dr J D Kendall
1954       Dr Julian Webb
1953       Marcel Abribat
1952       Charles Edward Kenneth Mees
1951       J Dudley Johnston
1950       Louis Phillippe Clerc
1949       Professor Dr John Eggert
1948       Dr Lloyd Ancile Jones
1947       Not given
1946       John G Capstaff
1944       Francis James Mortimer CBE
1936       Arthur Samuel Newman
1935       Harold Dennis Taylor
1932       Dr Löppo-Cramer
1929       Olaf F Bloch
1928       Samuel E Sheppard
1927       George Eastman
1926       Not given
1925       Not given
1924       Alfred Stieglitz
1923       Nahum Ellan Luboshez
1922       Not given
1921       Frank Forster Renwick
1920       Not given
1919       Not given
1918       Not given
1917       Not given
1916       Not given
1915       André Callier
1914       William Bates Ferguson
1913       Charles Edward Kenneth Mees
1912       Henry Chapman Jones
1911       Not given
1910       Alfred Watkins
1909       A Lumiere et ses fils
1908       John Sterry
1907       E Sanger Shepherd
1906       Dr P J C Janssen
1905       Dr. Paul Rudolph
1904       Not given
1903       Frederick Eugene Ives
1902       Sir Joseph Wilson Swan
1901       Dr R L Maddox
1900       Louis Ducos du Hauron
1899       Not given
1898       Ferdinand Hurter and Vero C Driffield
1897       Professor Gabriel Lippmann
1896       Thomas R Dallmeyer
1895       Dr Peter Henry Emerson
1891       Colonel J Waterhouse
1890       Captain W de W Abney
1885       Professor Josef Maria Eder
1884       Dr J M Eder
1883       Walter B Woodbury
1882       Leon Warnerke
1881       W Willis
1878       Captain W de W Abney