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RPS Benelux Chapter

What you need to know.

About the Benelux Chapter

The RPS BENELUX Chapter provides a central point of contact for RPS members in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg (BENELUX).

Events are scheduled throughout the whole BENELUX area. Our activities include Distinction Advisory Days, photographic projects, photographic trips, workshops, exhibitions, etc. and a continuing exchange of knowledge and experience through e-mail, internet and regular meetings.

We welcome contact from RPS members everywhere. So if you are visiting in one of the BENELUX countries, please do get in touch - you will be most welcome. Most of our events are open to visitors, depending on the space available.

Chapter Contacts

Joint Organiser (Belgium) Didier Verriest
Joint Organiser (The Netherlands) Carol Olerud
Secretary André Bergmans
Treasurer Jeroen Dorrestein
Webmaster André Meyer-Vitali
eJournal Editor Armando Jongejan


Rockin' Rotterdam was a project of RPS Benelux to photograph every street of Rotterdam. See the book for background information and a selection of pictures.