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Gerry Phillipson ARPS Card 03
CREDIT: Gerry Phillipson ARPS

Gerry Phillipson ARPS

Associate Panel

Genre : Landscape

Statement of Intent

The Marais, Grolejac, France.

The Marais is an area of wetland about nine kilometres from my home in France. It consists of inlets, ponds, winding watercourses and streams that infiltrate the dense forest around  it.  

There is only minimum maintenance, thus fallen logs and foliage are left to rot in the water while some of the narrower channels become overgrown with trees hanging over them. The result is that the light is often sombre.

The Marais is not a location for dramatic landscapes but for those of a more intimate kind that capture the sense of enclosure and containment, and the quietness and stillness of an environment in which all the various features are inter-related. My purpose is to show this close-knit  inter-relationship between the forest, plants and the water.

Panel Layout