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Carol Olerudfrps Pelt 2

Submission image guide for Mindful Photography Workshop

Pelt 2023

Mindful Photography Workshop Image Guide

All workshop attendees (members and non members) can upload their images to the Mindful Photography workshop gallery.

General Information

  • Max 6 images
  • Photographer name + (distinction) will be as copyright information or text provided by the photographer
  • 10% cropping of the images is allowed
  • Images can be adjusted for exposure
  • Images do not have be the same ones used during the workshop (expect the 21st image)

Colour assignment

  • 3 images from the colour assignment 

Ugly object assignment

  • 2 images from the 20 images 
  • The 21st image taken after returning from the 5 minute walk.

The images can be used for the eJournal as well, we wil used 1 image from the colour assignment and 1 from the ugly object assignment plus the 21st image.

Images Properties

  • sRGB
  • jpeg
  • files no larger than 4mb.
  • 300 dpi
  • Image size: 3000 pixels max on the longest side
  • File name : YourName_WorkshopName_Colour_xx.jpg (01 to 03)
  • File name : YourName_WorkshopName_Ugly_Object.jpg 
  • File name : YourName_WorkshopName_Ugly_Object_21st.jpg 
  • No copyright watermark in the images.

Webmaster will

  • resize the images when necessary
  • add the photographer copyright to images.

Send your images via to