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Biography of Chris Renk

To be inspired is great, to inspire incredible!

CREDIT: Chris Renk
CREDIT: Chris Renk

About me

I am a Munich based freelance photographer and cover all fields of photography including portrait and wedding photography. However, my main focus is set on landscape and street photography.

Every day, I am newly fascinated by the beauty of our planet and its inhabitants; mankind and the wildlife. To let you take part in this fascination, I am using photography as a medium to share with you, how I see this beauty.



Photographic Education

1994 - 2006

Autodidactic training in the field of analogue photography

2006 - 2009

New York Institute of Photography (Professional Photography Course)


CREDIT: Chris Renk
CREDIT: Chris Renk

Royal Photographic Society

2006 Entry into the Royal Photographic Society
2011 Member of Germany Chapter
2014 Chapter Organiser Germany Chapter
2017 Member of Nature and Landscape Group