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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

"A Land like no other"

Welcome to the Sri Lanka Chapter

The Sri Lanka Chapter of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) was founded in 2012 with the then High Commissioner for UK in Sri Lanka Mr. John Rankin as the founder patron.

The Local Chapter is closely associated with the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka (PSSL) since the inception, mostly due to the long legacy of the two institutions. Working closely with PSSL, the Chapter has had a seminal influence on its working, especially with the introduction of the specific interest groups in the likes of RPS.
Like mind-ness being the pivot, the two institutions share common ideals and goals in fostering the photography landscape of the Island.

About Sri Lanka

A resplendent island, with a record of human habituation 120,000 years ago, and with a recorded history of 2500 is a potpourri of culture, colour and tradition. With its lovely landscapes, wild life and friendly people It’s more than a photographers dream, a sensual shutterbugs dream come true.

About Sri Lanka


About PSSL

The Photographic Society of Sri Lanka has a rich history dating back to 1906. Established to promote photography as a hobby, art and a craft, the Society continues its journey fulfilling these objectives

The Society gives its members the opportunity to meet other people interested in different facets of photography.

Committee Members
History of PSSL

Romesh de Silva




Tel: +94 77777 444 15


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RPS Sri Lanka Chapter

Fringe@f23- Studio

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Sri Lanka