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A country of lakes and mountains.

Welcome to the Swiss Chapter!

We welcome members from both Switzerland and neighbouring countries

The Swiss chapter was founded in 2012 and we are now some 35 members of varying ages and experience. We have both professional and amateur photographers of different nationalities with a number of us possessing RPS distinctions. 

Every year we aim to have 5 or 6 meetings covering visits to exhibitions, workshops and distinction advisory days. Switzerland is not a large country; it is therefore quite easy to reach our meetings by train or car. The meetings mainly take place in Murten, Biel or Zurich. See 'Events'.

We also run a monthly e-circle where we critique each other's work and decide which one is our favourite of the month. See 'News'.

The chapter relies on volunteers and people willing to participate in its activities. If you are able to suggest an event please contact the chapter organiser, Rob Kershaw, via email:

If you'd like to help with any of the administration of the chapter, please also contact Rob.


Coppet Port
CREDIT: Jill Taylor ARPS


Chapter Organiser: Rob Kershaw ARPS


Chapter Treasurer: Richard Tucker FRPS


Chapter Secretary: Jill Taylor ARPS


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'Home Straight' By Chris Jenkins
CREDIT: Christopher Jenkins

Favourite monthly images


Each month the Chapter selects an 'image of the month'. See some previous images here.

Previous Favourites


'Pond To Forest' Rob Kershaw ARPS
CREDIT: Rob Kershaw ARPS

'Pond to Forest'

"I was out for a walk and carrying my Canon G7 X and I spotted a view that I thought would make a good ICM shot BUT I could not achieve that with the camera I had........

August Favourite
'A Gorbels Lad'by Richard Tucker FRPS
CREDIT: Richard Tucker FRPS

A Gorbels Lad

"Taken in the early 1970s this was part of a series taken in the Gorbals as the old tenements were being destroyed and new tower blocks erected. Anyone taking photographs in Glasgow (at that time) had to acknowledge the influence of Annan and others such as Oscar Mazaroli. .....

July Favourite
'Bandoneon Player' By Lukas Wagner
CREDIT: Lukas Wagner

'Bandoneon Player'

"This picture was made for a series I was invited to shoot with a Tango Dancing School for their new website.....
June Favourite
'In Step At The Playoffs' By Neil Dodd LRPS

'In step at the playoffs' by Neil Dodd LRPS

"Basketball's fast moving players tracking each other as they're moving about the court makes focus and framing a continuous challenge...."

May Favourite 1
'Calatrava Valencia' By Lukas Wagner
CREDIT: Lukas Wagner


"I took this image with a 16mm lens on a full frame camera and had to compromise between the leading lines of the left and right hand sides. A monochrome version was the obvious choice for this blue hour image....

MAy favourite 2


Attendees work from a recent Portrait workshop:

R Tucker Dave Talking
CREDIT: Richard Tucker ARPS

'Dave Talking' by Richard Tucker ARPS

"Using the facilities of the Zurich International Photo Club, The aim of this workshop was to limit the lighting options to artificial studio lights." 

Richard Tucker ARPS
N Dodds Dave Seated
CREDIT: Neil Dodds

'Dave Seated' by Neil Dodd

"So it was a Sunday and the sun was out, so why go into a basement with high ceilings and no windows you ask? Well it was a chance to learn about shooting portraits in the well equipped PICZ studio in Zurich. After some initial organisation, Richard who had organised the workshop gave a very informative presentation on different examples of Portrait Lighting. This covered lighting techniques and styles introducing us to some well known portrait photographers...." 






Neil Dodd
U Albrecht Dave 1
CREDIT: Urs Albrecht LRPS

'Dave 1' by Urs Albrecht LRPS

"On this sunny Sunday I met Richard a bit early to set up the studio. The first problem that we faced was to find the Code-Box that contained the keys. After a few mails we finally managed to enter the very nice and well-equipped studio. Richard presented masterpieces of portrait photography via a beamer and explained the light settings used by the photographers. After this warm-up it was our turn to play with the lights. After we managed to couple the flashes with our cameras we practiced first on ourselves before the models arrived....."

Urs Albrecht
J Weinmann Portrait 3
CREDIT: Jane Weinmann

'Portrait 3'

"Attending this portrait workshop was a bit of a breakthrough for me. I normally avoid taking images of people, especially portraits as I always think, I'm not fast enough or I won't be able to do the person justice. To my surprise I found myself having fun and enjoying the experience of working with a group and two very willing and photogenic models. It was especially interesting to experiment with the light and in the end I was very pleased with the outcome. I am sure I'll have much more confidence next time! Thank you to Richard for organising the event."


Jane Weinmann's Portraits

Members' Work:

6 X 6 is a quarterly publication showcasing the variety and talent found in the membership of the Swiss Chapter. 


RNT's F 1
CREDIT: Richard Tucker FRPS

'This is not a metaphor'

Richard Tucker's recent FRPS success was in the form of a lay flat photo book and compares the tunnels created by ants in their nests to the tunnels under our railway stations.

RNT's F distinction