My mother at Hill End
CREDIT: Aletheia Casey

Snap Shots - 15 minute talks from six of the IPE Exhibitors

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Six artists from our current exhibition each have 15 minutes to offer a glimpse into their varied photographic practice, in this quick fire series of talks to celebrate the launch of the International Photography Exhibition 162.

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Derek Man

For his project What Do You See, Old Apple Tree?, Derek visited English apple orchards under restoration and created pinhole cameras out of apples at each location.  The work captures team members, volunteers and visitors, who are all integral to the survival of the orchards and the intertwined relationship between agriculture and community.

Aletheia Casey

Aletheia's work examines the complexity of motherhood, belonging, and the inevitability of loss. The work explores the multi-layered experience of motherhood, home and family, played out amongst the light and shadows which coexist within life.

Frederic Aranda

Frederic Aranda is a self taught international portrait photographer based in London. His clients include Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, Harrods and The Royal Ballet for whom he shoots portraits ranging from the individual, celebrity and his specialty: group portraits. He will notably talk about one of his most well-known group portraits bringing together the editors in chief of all international editions of Vogue Magazine.

Jasmine Bruno

Jasmine Bruno’s graduate project, To Catch a Thief, documented the search for her father who abandoned her aged three. It is a journey of self-discovery through hers and her father’s past, tackling issues of trauma, memory, identity and shame. 

Alexander Parkyn-Smith

My images are from the project Museum of Corruption. Combining documentary photography with ethnographic research, I explore the idea of 'onstage' and 'offstage' in post-revolutionary, war-time Ukraine. Focused on an ex-president’s residence squatted by former revolutionaries, this presentation examines the tensions between the public and the private selves. 

Jenny Lewis

100 Years is Jenny's new series capturing stories and portraits, …every age from one to a hundred, finding subjects within her community of East London.   Celebrating and investigating the different perspectives we travel through, ages we have forgotten what it feels like to inhabit and vantage points we have yet to reach.  The aim of the series is to encourage understanding of each other, to appreciate our differences and the experiences we can share.

Lead image © Aletheia Casey


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RPS House

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Anita   (Punica   granatum,   Pomegranate,   Meaning:   Fertility)
CREDIT: Leslie Sheryll

International Photography Exhibition

The International Photography Exhibition (IPE) is an annual international open-call to photographers and image-makers of all ages. Each year, a touring photographic show is curated by some of the most influential people in photography today.


Steeped in history, the IPE has been held almost every year since 1854, the year after The RPS was founded and is the longest running exhibition of its kind in the world. In the early years, the exhibition included work from some of the world's most eminent photographers including Julia Margaret Cameron, Roger Fenton, Edward Steichen and Paul Strand.

Discover the 2020 edition
Ian at Home
CREDIT: Frederic Aranda

IPE 162 Exhibitors

Congratulations to the 43 international photographers selected for the International Photography Exhibition 162.

Meet the Photographers
Blue Shift 10
CREDIT: Cody Cobb

IPE 162 Tour Dates

The exhibition will tour the following venues:

RPS House, Bristol: 15 February - 22 March 2020

Royal Albert Hall, London: 2 April - 27 April 2020 CANCELLED

Beverley Art Gallery, Beverley: 13 June - 12 September 2020

Oriel Art Gallery, Theatr Clwyd: 28 November 2020 - 16 January 2021