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In Conversation with Ioanna Sakellaraki

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Ioanna Sakellaraki recipient of the RPS Postgraduate Bursary 2018 and recently named Student Photographer of the Year 2020 by Sony Photo Awards will be discussing her project with Dr Michael Pritchard RPS Director, Education and Public Affairs.  Ioanna's narrative explores and reveals her own story of mourning alongside that of her home country, Greece.

"The Truth is in the Soil started evolving four years ago, when the death of my father sparked a journey back home and the exploration of traditional Greek funerary rituals. Portraying my mother as a mourning figure within the social and religious context of my country, I began to slowly unravel a personal narrative of loss interweaving fabrications of grief in my family and culture.

In 2018, I received the kind support of the Postgraduate Bursary Award from The Royal Photographic Society for continuing this project and I expanded the scope of my research on the collective mourning and ritual laments of the last communities of professional mourners in the Mani peninsula of Greece. In the crossroads of performance and staged emotion, I aimed to look at how the work of mourning contextualises modern regimes of looking, reading, and feeling with regards to the subject of death in Greece today".

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