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Film Noir Lighting: Masterclass - Jon Gray

Event info

Fully Booked.

Limited to 6 places – Giving each photographer a chance to work individually with the model and the lighting. 


Working on a one to one with a top model you will get the opportunity to create stunning Film Noir images.

Jon will be demonstrating a variety of different lighting and Camera techniques showing you how to create Classic Film Noir lighting. 

This will also include a few props and sets to help to enhance the Film Noir mood.

Model Styling:  
The model is very experienced and will be changing her look to suit the scene and mood of each set.

Photographic content:  
Jon will be explaining in detail all the technical techniques and issues around lighting each scene while showing you how to arrange the lighting. Then he will be guiding you through important modelling techniques with the model on set to ensure that.

After this each photographer will work on a one to one with models, you will be given help and advice.

What to bring:
A DSLR camera and 24 to 105mm lens or prime lenses; 50mm, 80mm 100mm.  A tripod if you have one, a cable release, spare memory and fully charged batteries.

A packed lunch or use local amenities.

All lighting, flash triggers, modifiers lighting gels and reflectors will be supplied.

Recommended a DSLR Camera (not a point and shoot)

Lenses: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm,85mm,100mm or 24-105mm zoom lens

All lighting, props and sets supplied.

Tutor: Jon Gray F.B.I.P.P. Jon has been in the photographic industry for over 40 years, and has had a wide range of experience working with a variety of leading Advertising and Fashion agencies.

Professional Qualifications: Awarded A Fellowship of the British institute of Professional Photographer. National Union of Journalist.

Commissions: Gucci, P&O, Dunlop, The Telegraph, Vogue, Saatchi’s, B.P, P&O, Athena, Ferrari, Zap fashion.

Shooting stills for a BBC Film; The Naked Civil Servant (played by John Hurt) and also Quentin Crisp one man show in New York. Getty Images.

Magazine Features and reviews of Jon's work: Chinese Photography Magazine, The Professional Photographer, Digital Photography, The BIPP magazine. The Lite book magazine, Digital Camera Magazine. Glamour and Beauty photography teaching book published in the UK and in Russia.

Teaching and Workshops: The RPS Workshops, The BIPP, Brooks film school in L.A.


Two Fashion and Beauty Teaching DVDS. 

Image © Jon Gray

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Event Organiser

Emma Delves-Broughton


Venue Information

Location: Nearest train stations: Swanley or Eynsford (pick up service available).

By car: Exit jct 3 M25 and follow signs to Farningham

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