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RPS Benelux Study Group Meeting, December 2023

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For those new to the Group, please know that it is not a requirement that you always bring work along.  There is much to be learnt from seeing others work and hearing the comments, even giving your own opinions. It will build your confidence and help you to see what makes a good image and what faults you need to avoid.  It is also not necessary to be working towards your LRPS immediately.  An LRPS panel comprises of a panel of 10 images that need to show specific skills or techniques.  Why not concentrate on one skill at a time and produce a few good images demonstrating that skill?

For those starting their LRPS journey, you need to put together a panel of 10 good images.  Start to make that selection at home and bring with you a maximum of 20 small prints.  If only 5 start to work in the panel you will then know what you need to go and shoot to fill the remaining panel slots.

For those with an LRPS panel almost finished, do bring it along and perhaps 5 spares.  Again if you have a missing technique or skill then you will need to shoot to fill the gap.

For those starting on their ARPS panels, it is OK to bring along ideas that aren’t yet a panel.  This might be a series of 5 prints or even just a few odd images on the theme you are considering.  Know what you are trying to achieve and the ultimate panel idea - this is your starting point, not scrabbling around to see what you can find in your library of photos. ARPS is a high standard and not easy to jump straight in to; it is therefore highly recommended that you do an LRPS first to gain valuable experience.

For those seriously working on an ARPS panel do bring your proposed panel along and perhaps 8 spares.  You need 15 images on a theme at ARPS and a Statement of Intent.  The Statement does not need to be polished and final at the start, but you should have a rough one before you begin your ARPS journey.   If you wish to show work then please have a Statement against which we can help you build your panel.

Everyone is welcome to any meeting - it costs €5 per evening, which includes a drink and biscuit. Venue - Het Palet, Duikerstraat 29, 3067 CX Rotterdam.  

At the beginning of each evening we will ask who has got work to share and from that work out how long each person will have ‘on the table’. Meetings start at 19.30 to 22.00.

This is a friendly group and we are all there to help each other.  However, the standards you need to achieve to gain your LRPS or ARPS are high and exacting, therefore robust feedback should be expected and is ultimately in your own best interest.  If at any stage you do not understand or wish to ask questions then please feel free to do so.  Remember we all had to learn, so even if you think yours is a stupid question then without a doubt we will have thought the same once upon a time.  

Doing your RPS Distinctions will help you to improve your photography.  Putting panels of work together is a challenge and not something many of us have done before.  Always remember you work at your own speed - this is a journey, not a race.  It is your journey and your work, so be true to yourself.




Travel information

The meeting room is only just off the Rotterdam ring road so easy to find and get to.


Het Palet (The Palette), Duikerstraat 29, 3067 CX Rotterdam

By auto

IMPORTANT: set your navigation address to Springerstraat 340, which will land you in the parking area next to the Palet.

From direction Utrecht:

A12 south/west towards Rotterdam, then exit at “Capelle aan den Ijssel”. Follow Capelseweg, then right onto the Hoofdweg (and past shopping centers), then left on Koningslaan and left onto Duikerstraat.

By public transport:

  1. Take the train to Station Rotterdam Alexander (between Rotterdam Central and Gouda/Utrecht) All trains stop here because this is also an Intercity stop. It is then either a walk (16 minutes/ 1.3 km).

  2. Take bus 36 (runs every 15 to 30 minutes in the evening) towards Kralingse Zoom Bus leaves at 19:04, 19:19, 19:34, etc. Get off at “Duikerstraat” after 6 minutes. The stop is exactly where Het Palet is.

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