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Rollright Visual Art Group - Autumn Meeting

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Scotland-18 by Sam Gregory

The day will feature talks by Sam Gregory, Michael Butterworth LRPS and Nur Tucker. 

With classic vistas and dramatic scenes from all around the world, Sam will discuss what makes a compelling landscape image in his eyes. However, it's not just the traditional genre that Sam partakes in, in fact his work sometimes steps firmly outside the traditional into extractions of form, energy and flow.

He will discuss these new explorations including a body of work that takes the viewer back 250 million years into an unseen and unimaginable landscape. This work was created in one location that has a special meaning to the project.

This more abstracted approach can cause friction with the classic scenic vista approach and it's a requirement for working professionals to wear many 'hats'. As such, Sam will also discuss this aesthetic dichotomy from a commercial perspective. All the while elaborating on just how powerful the process of image making can be for your wellbeing both physically and mentally. Essentially, it's a personal obsession, and he will expand on this principle that it's definitely "more than an image”.

Natalia Tenna (Molotov Jukebox) - backstage at The 100 Club by Michael Butterworth LRPS

Michael has been into music since his mid teens. At college and in his early twenties he started going to gigs and concerts where he discovered his passion for live music. Over the last 13 years he has, through a special connection, managed to photograph many live performances. Today he will present an overview of his experiences, the challenges of low light and action photography in music, the networking and cheeky blagging he has used to get access to some great events.

Freedom by Nur Tucker

Nur spent more than two decades as an investment banker in London before she called a halt to this hectic lifestyle, waving goodbye to the bulls and bears of finance, to engage with her true passion, photography. You will note some recurrent themes in her work – always water, horses (often near water) and stunning landscapes. On this occasion much of her talk will deal with underwater photography: why, how, dos and dont's, printing on different mediums and the choice of equipment.

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Andreas Klatt ARPS



Village Hall

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