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What is Kirlian Photography? By Hoosain Ebrahim ASIS FRPS

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What is Kirlian Photography by Hoosain Ebrahim ASIS FRPS



Kirlian photography is a method of obtaining a photographic image of high energy interaction between a subject and an applied electric field. 

The image captured on the film reflects the dynamic relationship between the externally generated electric field and the energy emitted from the subject.  No external  light source is used for this technique.  The light emitted as photons by the electric discharge from the charged subject produces the latent image in the photosensitive layer of the recording material. 

All the images produced used a standardized technique developed over many years taking various variables into consideration to obtain near reproducibility.   

Kirlian images of medical abnormalities including the affected acupuncture points will be shown.  It is quite evident that despite using a highly standardized imaging technique the aura varies according to the subject’s state of physical or mental health.  It is the author’s opinion that the Kirlian image obtained is a simple cold electron emission related to the amount of free electrolyte on the skin.






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Stewart Wall MA ARPS & Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS




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