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Tuesday Talks at RPS EM : Michael Poole Shooting for “A"

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Even if you have already gained an Associate or Fellowship with the RPS it might be worth dropping in to listen to Michael’s story.

Michael Poole is one of our Royal Photographic Society East Midlands regional members and once told me he was keen to promote photographing sport. He was actively involved in sports photography himself and finds himself covering all sorts of events.

During this talk he will describe his journey to successfully gaining an Associate distinction, awarded by the Royal Photographic Society assessment panel on 23rd October 2019.

He describes his presentation as light-hearted, but I am sure the journey at times was not so lighthearted, since gaining such a distinction is not easy. One of the bonuses of such a journey is how it has potential to change your photography and Mike says “the process definitely improved my photography, processing, printing and panel configuration, it has not improved my nerves”.

Mike went to three RPS Advisory Days before finally it was suggested he might chance his hand at an assessment, and when he did, as he admits “to my surprise and delight, I was advised that I had been successful”.

Michael’s presentation will include:

  • all of the images featured in the final panel: football, rugby, cricket, ice hockey, speed skating, track cycling and diving
  • the final advisory day
  • the assessment itself
  • an explanation of how I arrived at the final set (and some that did not fit in with the panel)
  • my previous attempts and the help and advice that I was given

He will also describe how and why he started taking sports images, how he gained passes to get closer and the challenges of shooting professional sports.


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