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The East Midlands and Central Region Frontiers Project

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Many of the RPS regions and groups, including East Midlands and Central are collaborating on a project that considers the peri-urban landscape. If you are interested in being involved, please book a place at this online informal discussion meeting about our proposed project, where regional organiser Stewart Wall will make a short presentation of a peri-urban project that he has started on to start the ball rolling. Hopefully you will consider doing something similar, local to you.

The approach to Peri-urbanisation that we will take is explained on this wiki-page (click here) but in principle it is related to processes of controlling dispersive urban growth that creates hybrid landscapes of fragmented urban and rural characteristics.

We will create a photo book from our collaborative work, and you are welcome to create your work in the way you prefer to work, for example as portraits, or landscapes, visual art, conceptual, documentary etc. As with all of our past regional photo book projects, such as the Park Hill books, one of the most interesting things about the projects is to see how each photographer deciphers a subject into photography.


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