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CREDIT: Jay Myrdal (Hon) FRPS

In a Time Before Pixels and Photoshop The Work of Jay Myrdal

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In a time before photoshop and pixels photographers still produced photographs with amazing special effects, and Jay Myrdal FRPS was a professional photographer who did just that for major clients.

Jay’s talk includes effects work going right back into the 70’s and earlier, a talk he calls “Doing it the Hard Way” where he discusses the extraordinary measures necessary to produce impossible images in the days before computers. In the mid-1990s Jay was one of the first to start using computers, often in combination with his established techniques.

Jay’s talk will include many images, both the images he presented to the world, but also his behind-the-scenes images showing how he made the special effects happen.

I met Jay at Newark a few years ago when he was a distinctions assessor on the RPS Professional and Applied panel, and I am sure we are in for a very entertaining talk, from Jay, who is also a pilot, musician and rides a unicycle when he zooms into the RPS East Midlands and Central regions. Everyone is welcome, from where ever you are in the world.

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