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London:Exhibition Totally Thames 2019 - continues ....

Event info

About this Exhibition. In September last year, London members and fellow photographers were invited to take pictures on and beside the Thames in celebration of the 2019 Totally Thames Festival. 28 photographers took part, recording many events, activities and scenes from the banks of the river. From the broad spectrum of work submitted, the pictures you see on display today were shortlisted by the photographers themselves, with the final selection being made by a small Team, who chose at least one image from each photographer and aimed to produce an interesting and varied Exhibition.

You can see a short video of how to find the display and of the images here

We are grateful to all those who have contributed their work and especially would like to thank our Exhibition Designer, Jonathan Taylor, and the many people who helped behind the scenes. It couldn’t happen without you all.  

Grateful thanks to First Port at Putney Wharf for allowing us to exhibit on their railings and to Postively Putney and St Mary's Church Putney for their enthusiasm, support and encouragement..

We hope you will enjoy our Exhibition and appreciate the pictures.   Tell your friends to come along and see the work!



Putney Wharf - opposite the Rocket Pub

access via St Mary's Church Square


SW15 1SN