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London:Region Members Print Exhibition SECOND SELECTION DAY

Event info

Sign up before 31st December to join in the SECOND SELECTION EVENT for the 2022 London Region Members' Print Exhibition and have one of your pictures on show in Central London.

Because of the high levels of interest, we had to close our first Selection Day early, which meant disappointing many of you. We are therefore running a SECOND SELECTION DAY so that everyone gets the chance to take part.


  1. Sign Up - Open 22 November 2021 until Friday 31st December (earlier is better!)
  2. Upload Images: by 23:00 on Friday 31st December 2021
  3. Attend the Selection day on Saturday 15th January 2021 ONLINE from 10:00am.


For the last four years, London Region has held an Exhibition of Members' work. Our philosophy is that each Member should have at least one picture selected. The process is that each Member puts forward four pictures, which are voted on "democratically" by the members present.  

This year we will select the image/s online, as we did last year, but then we will be giving Members the choice as to whether they print and mount their own images for the Print Exhibition in Lauderdale House Gallery in January 2022.   If Members do not wish to print and mount their own images, we will be able to arrange this for them, at cost.

Here's what you need to do:-

  • Sign up by following the link above
  • Prepare four digital images for the Exhibition Selection Day.  Images can be any size but, for guidance, should be at last 1mb.
  • Upload to Dropbox, which will be sent to all those who have signed up.
  • Set aside the morning (and early afternoon) of January 15th 2022 to share in the selection process!

What shape will the day take:-

  • Everyone who signs up will be able to join via Zoom
  • First Round.  Pictures will be shown in groups of four and those present will be able to vote (using the zoom voting process) for the two they like best
  • Second Round.  This will be the opportunity to see the two preferred images again and to vote on an "either/or" basis. This will give us Preferred Images and a set of reserves from which to create our Exhibition.

Just to clarify, all the Preferred/First Choice Images will be exhibited - one from each person. Depending on numbers and spaces available, our Exhibition Designer and Organisers will choose from the reserve images to create a "balanced" show..

Those who had an image (and a reserve image) selected on 20th November may not re-apply!


What's next

All the Preferred/First Choice Images will be displayed in an Exhibition in March (location to be confirmed) - Exhibition Preview II and will then come together with pictures from Preview I to form the London Region Members' Exhibition 2022.


To take part you must be an RPS London Region Member.

As the selection process will be on zoom, as members will be printing their own photos, and as the gallery rental is reasonable, there will be no entry fee this year.  However, if we incur costs in moving the Exhibition to another location or if we hold an outdoor exhibition as we have done this year, for example, we may have to ask for contributions from those exhibiting. 

We hope you will enjoy our Exhibition and the Exhibition selection process, which has been great fun in the past.

Further details will be sent in due course.

Event Organiser

David Hicks


Cancellation policy

If you sign up and then decide not to take part, please let us know so that we know not to chase you!



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