Printing with Adobe Lightroom Classic

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This series of 6 workshops takes the intermediate printer through the various stages of printing an image using the Lightroom Classic (desktop) application, looking at the different options and their impact on the final result.

Following on from the successful Landscapes and Lightroom Series, Roger Crocombe ARPS is offering two additional modules as a single programme. Module 1 focusses on colour theory as applied to printing, paper choices and their impact on the printer’s ability to reproduce colours through Soft Proofing. Module 2 focusses on tuning the Lightroom Print Module parameters to make the most of your print.

Each module is delivered through three mini 75 minute  workshops. The price is for both modules and includes materials, as well as access to the Zoom recordings of each session to enable you to learn at your own pace.

As a Landscape photographer the discussions and demos are all focussed on land and seascapes from the Lightroom Classic “Beyond the Basics” Face to Face workshop adapted for online delivery. However, the skills and topics are relevant and transferable to all genres of photography.

The demonstrations are focussed on the subscription based Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, although most techniques equally apply to standalone Lightroom 6.

Module 1 is run over a week and Module 2, three weeks later.

Printing with Adobe Lightroom -  approach

Each set of 3 workshops will be structured in the same way and run as three sessions over a week as follows:

Workshop 1 runs on a Sunday starting at 10.30

Workshop 2 runs on a Tuesday starting at 10.30

Workshop 3 runs on a Thursday starting at 10.30

Workshop 4 runs on a Sunday starting at 10.30

Workshop 5 runs on a Tuesday starting at 10.30

Workshop 6 runs on a Thursday starting at 10.30

Materials and Zoom invitations are sent out prior to each set of 3 workshops to enable participants to load and review the contents.


Workshops 1 to 3  – Getting ready to Print

Workshop 1 – All about colour

Subtractive colouring versus additive colouring

Colour perception the different models

Hue Saturation and Brightness concepts and models

Printers and what they can and cannot print!


Workshop 2 – All about paper

The paper maze – jargon demystified

What does “quality” mean in paper choice

What does “finish” mean

What does “Whiteness” mean in this context

Mount colours – matching for paper choices


Workshop 3 Introduction to printer Gamut

Different papers different gamut – same printer!

Rendering Intents and Black Point Compensation

Paper profiles – why bother?

Soft proofing to test for out of gamut images

What to do with out of gamut elements


Workshops 4 to 6 – Getting the most from your printer

Workshop 4 – Print module overview

Page setup and impact on result

Print templates Single images and Picture packages

Image settings

Rulers grid and guides



Workshop 5 – Tuning parameters in the print module

Page Setup and impact on printing

Print to file/printer

Print templates

Printing Options in the Print Module

Print sharpening

Profiles – obtaining them and installing them


Workshop 6 - Pressing the Print button

LrC print driver dialog items and what they mean

Paper profiles, how they drive the print dialogue

Third party papers and print driver templates

Specialist Black & White drivers

Common printing problems


Event Organiser

John Gough


Cancellation policy

Where participants are obliged to cancel their participation in a particular workshop, RPS South East Region may offer the following refunds:

Cancellation, more than four weeks before the event or workshop - Full refund.

Cancellation, less than four weeks before the event or workshop  -  No refund is possible, although contacting the workshop organiser immediately may enable the place to be transferred to someone else if the demand is present.

Cancellation once the programme has started, no refund is possible



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