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Making a Photobook From Concept to Printing Course

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Making a Photo book – from concept to printing with Stewart Wall MA ARPS

A successful Photo book is much more than a set of images with a cover wrapped around them. This  workshop is  spread over three weeks, and each week there are three sessions. It is designed to enable you to design your own photo book with a professional look and feel.

Week 1 – Planning your Photo book
Session 1: Planning the Concept / Assets for your Photo book. 
Session 2: Planning your Sequencing process
Session 3: Planning your Software / Design process


Week 2 – Editing and Sequencing your Photo book
Session 1: How to Edit your images (this is not about post production) 
Session 2: How to Sequence your images
Session 3: Preparing for Designing


Week 3 – Designing your Photo book
Session 1: Designing the photo book using software basics
Session 2: Designing the photo book using software advanced
Session 3: Preparing the photo book for printing


By the end of the course attendees will have a good knowledge of what elements a good photo book will have, and an understanding of how to achieve them.

The course is taught by professional photographer and graphic designer Stewart Wall who is also a trained and qualified teacher. He has completed many documentary projects and facilitated collaborative documentary projects both for the Royal Photographic Society and with his own students. He has a BA (Hons) in photography from University of Lincoln, a BA in Graphic Design from Teesside University and an MA in Visual Communication from the University of Hertfordshire, and has just completed his first year of a Professional Doctorate (PhD) in Design at the same university, where he is researching Resilient Communities and how Documentary and Community Photography can connect Resilient Communities to make powerful Societies.


About Stewart

I am based in England and my work explores the connections between, and impact of external sources on the resilience of social networks and communities in the 21st century

1978 - 1986 Staff Photographer Essex Chronicle Series
1986 - 1987 Staff Photographer Evening Gazette
1987 - 1990 Freelance for Daily Express, The Sun and The Sunday Times
1990 - current Freelance Portrait and Contemporary Documentary Photographer
2015 - current Photography tutor and workshop provider
2020 - PhD ProfDoc in Design at the University of Hertfordshire - developing a new methodology for photography called 'PhotoSociology' to use photography to research social resilience in communities

Royal Photographic Society Volunteer
2014 - 2016 RPS Contemporary Group Webmaster
2016 - current Regional Organiser East Midlands Region
2018 - current Licentiates Distinctions Assessor
2020 - 2021 RPS Distinctions Committee Member
2021 First Chair of the new RPS Photo-books Distinction
2021 Awarded RPS Fenton Medal for contributions to the society




Event Organiser

Melanie Chalk


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Cancellation once the programme has started, no refund is possible



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