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The Director and Founder of Horizon Imaging, David Hogg, has had a life-long passion for photography, and anything that flies — indeed, Horizon Imaging was born as a result of combining David's interests of digital photography and building model aircraft. 
Beginning way back in the early 2000s, this combination gave rise to numerous airborne contraptions of varying shapes and sizes, custom-built to carry digital cameras. These initial experiments sowed the seed of what would eventually become Horizon Imaging, a leading provider of aerial and ground-level imaging services in the South of the UK. 
David's photographic roots were put down during years of membership with local photographic clubs, and through submitting work for competitions, both locally and nationally. In 2014, David achieved his Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society — an achievement based on a panel of 10 photographs showcasing technical and aesthetic photographic skills across a wide range of environments and disciplines.

Over the years, David has gained a reputation in the industry for his highly professional work ethic, an astute attention to detail and a drive to always improve the services he offers.


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During this online talk David will be doing a show-and-tell of his fleet of commercial drones, as well as giving a brief history of drones, what the current state-of-the-art drones look like, sharing some examples of his commercial aerial photography work, as well giving a brief overview of the rather confusing array of regulations that govern the use of drones in UK skies.

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