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Davies_Lottie_Experiment #4
CREDIT: Lottie Davies

IPE 165: Entry Guide and FAQs

Submission open until Monday 8 May 2023

Entry Guide

1. Visit the submission site here

2. Choose an entry type to submit images, either 'Single images', 'Series of images', or a 'Free image entry'.

3. Once you have selected your entry type, you will be asked for your email address. Read and agree to terms & conditions, recaptcha confirmation, RPS Membership Number if applicable and payment details if you have selected a paid for entry.

4. You will receive an email containing a link asking you to confirm your email. Set a password for the IPE 165 submission site (this is not the same as your RPS login). Once your password is confirmed, login  following the prompt.

5. Complete and save ‘About You’ information – this information is kept separately from your entry or entries and is not visible to the selection panel.

6. Click 'Entries' tab at the top of the page. Upload your chosen image(s). Images for the IPE should be in JPEG format, less than 10MB in file size. Add image title, caption where applicable and series title if submitting a series and save.

7. When you are happy press submit, once you have pressed submit your entry has been submitted for the selection panel. You can edit your entry until the closing date Monday 8 May 2023 (23:59 BST).


8. You will receive an email confirming when your entry has been submitted.

9. Multiple paid entries can be made. Manage all of your entries via the IPE165 'Entries' tab.

10. We will be sharing entries during the call-out via our social media channels. If you would prefer not to be considered, please contact

Submission Questions  

Q1. Do you have to be an RPS member to enter?
You do not have to be a member of The RPS to enter your work. Entry is open to anyone, of any age or level of practice.

Q2. I can't remember my Membership number 
Your membership number can be found on your membership card and on your RPS Portal page. Email if you would like a reminder.

Q3. When is the final date to submit work?
Entry will close for shortlisting at 23:59 BST on Monday 8 May 2023

Q4. Is there a theme or category?
The IPE is an open submission, with no restriction on genre, process, or technique. All subjects and photographic approaches are eligible.

Q5. I can not remember my login details how do I reset it?
If you have forgotten your password for the IPE 165 Submission site you can reset it here

Q6. Can I pay by PayPal / Cheque / Cash
We can only accept entries paid with a credit or debit card online during the submission process. Reduced entry is available for groups of 10+. Please contact for more information on group entries.

Q7. Can I edit my entry and return to it later?
Yes, you can continue to edit uploaded images and text until the submission closing date Monday 8 May 2023 Login to your IPE165 account and to view and manage your entries.

Q8. Are collaborations permitted?
Yes collaborations are permitted.

Q9. How is the exhibition selected?
An online shortlist will be made in collaboration between the selection panel and the RPS. Shortlisted photographers will be invited to submit prints for the final exhibition selection, which takes place at the RPS. The panel will select an exhibition of 100 prints.

Uploading Images 

Q10. What type of image file can I upload?
Files must be no more than 10MB in size. All images must be submitted as JPEG files, in sRGB colour space. Any files submitted in any other format (including TIFF, PSD etc) will not be accepted by the system.

Q11. I have entered 1 free image, can I enter further images?
One free single image entry is available to everyone. Subsequent entries are subject to payment: Standard £30, RPS Member £24, Under 30 years old £18. Reduced entry is available for groups of 10+. Please contact for more information on group entries.

Q12. Can I enter more than once?
Multiple paid entries are permitted.

Q13. Can I enter by email / WeTransfer or post?
We can only accept images that are uploaded using our entry system to ensure that all entries are logged and available for the selection panel.

Q14. I have submitted my entry, can I edit the entry?
Login to your IPE 165 account to view your entries, click ‘unsubmit’ on any entries you would like to edit. You have until the submission deadline to finalise your submission.

Q15. Is there a time limit on when images were taken?
There is no time restriction set on when photographs were taken.

Q16. Should I include my name in the image description or watermark my images?
Submissions must be anonymous and not include the photographer's name in an image title, description, or project statement.

Q17. Can my images be manipulated in some way?
Yes, manipulation or editing using editing software is permitted, however, the images submitted must be the work of the entrant only. If an image is from a genre, for example, documentary, photojournalism, travel or natural history, where staging the scene and excessive post-processing or manipulation is not generally acceptable, the image can be submitted, however please make clear in the submission text that the authenticity of the subject has been altered.

Q18. Do I need to title my images?
Yes, but please do not include your name in the image title. If selected for exhibition, you will have the opportunity to amend the title of an image or series.

Q19. I can not see the submit entry button, where is it?
Please make sure you have added a title for all of your images, the submit button will appear once all the images have a title.

Further Questions 

Q19. Can I send in prints as my entry?
No, we only accept online entries for the first stage of selection. Prints will only be required if your image/s are shortlisted.

Q20. How do I claim my 15% discount on a new RPS Membership?
All entrants receive 15% discount on any new RPS Membership. Once you have submitted your entry you will receive an email with an RPS membership discount code. You can join online here if you have any questions regarding RPS Membership contact the membership department at or call +44 (0)117 316 4460

Q21. I have another question, can you help?
Please contact the exhibitions department if you have any further questions on or call 0117 316 4478


The Terms and Conditions form part of the entry process and can also be read here